September 12, 2017 at 5:59 pm Bill Terrel

Don’t forget the Benghazi four, yes I know I have written volumes on this subject (including a book Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution) my memories, my personal memories are mine they are not all good but they definitely outweigh the bad. What I have written about Benghazi is because of my love for this great nation and it is completely beyond my comprehension, I do not think the American people are stupid they, are not blind, they are not deaf – – are they stupid?? Maybe, I don’t think so, but what is the reason – that they can’t or won’t accept the obvious, are they so ashamed that they cannot face the facts the facts are so obvious and plain to see. I’m going to waste my time and attempt to draw you a verbal picture and hope you will take the time to read and determine the truth about the Benghazi catastrophe!


Benghazi a small portion of land in Libya, purchased  from the Libyan government and considered to be sovereign soil of the United States “same as our embassies” roughly one square mile this facility was constructed to house reportedly something like 300 C.I.A. agents (purpose?) To keep track and control of arms, left in Libya after the destruction of the QADDAFI regime. Living quarters and office buildings also necessary quarters and buildings for security people both military personnel and contract security guards there was also a group of Libyan Muslims hired as security for the compound, sometimes called the halfway house this house constructed a short distance from the rest of the compound. The entire compound was in closed by a high wall the only entrance was through large heavy steel gates. Relations between the Libyan government and the US began to deteriorate. The State Department and the White House supplied weaponry to the rebels and with the aid of our Air Force (limited engagement) destroyed the Libyan regime of Qaddafi killing their leader and leaving the whole country in turmoil. Several attacks were made on our Benghazi facility a large section of that protective wall was blown away numerous other attacks were made all the time this was going on approximately a year many, many request had been made for additional security with no response. In fact security was not only not increased it was allowed to decrease to the point that over 600 (600 request and no response) not one. In fact the military portion of security was withdrawn, shortly before the attack on Benghazi, Col.Wood of the Utah National Guard and his 17 man platoon were withdrawn from Benghazi? These 600 request for added security sent to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, not one response.


Ambassador Stevens was ordered “instructed” to go from his Embassy in Tripoli to the facility and to the compound, there to have a late evening meeting with some foreign official this took place and was concluded somewhere around 7:30 -8:00 Libya time 9/11/ 2012 the official left through the main gate the gate was closed and locked. Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith retired to the compound there ambassador Stevens made a phone call to his friend at the Embassy in Tripoli, told Mr. Hicks everything was peaceful, it has been a long tiring day and he and Sean Smith would retire. All hell broke loose Stevens told Hicks we are under attack that was the last anyone ever heard from Ambassador Stevens. (Sorry I overlooked one little detail the Libyan security force, their duty to protect the compound they abandoned their post shortly before this attack took place reportedly they had been observed taking pictures and making measurements of the compound) when the attack began Stevens and Smith made their way to the safe room a room constructed for just this purpose, no intruder could get in. When the lousy bastards realized they couldn’t break into the safe room they set fire to the compound an everything they could, using diesel fuel, knowing full well the smoke from this type fire would kill their target, Ambassador Stevens – smoke inhalation cause of death of both Sean Smith and ambassador Stevens. A third man came from Tripoli with the ambassador and Sean Smith to my knowledge his name has never been released nor has his condition, we don’t know whether he’s alive or dead this is another sad part of this story this person reportedly went back in the heavy smoke filled safe room, found Sean Smith, Sean was dead . This man continued going into the smoke several times could not find Ambassador Stevens (reportedly somebody took Ambassador Stevens to a hospital some miles away, there he was pronounced dead, cause smoke inhalation

Now the rest of the story

Thanks to three gallant Americans this story does not end here. No it certainly will not when by this verbal painting is completed the devil himself cannot lie his way out of this. These three men refused to accept and obey their commander whoever he was – to stand down they caused the enemy the attackers to expand from a few inexperienced morons 10 or so with comparatively light arms, too possibly 100 or more heavily armed, heavy machine guns and rifles and grenade launchers and mortars there is no doubt it was a well-planned attack, from everything that occurred one might assume that the major force would lay in ambush and if the first assault accomplished their mission and no other American forces came FOURTH that would’ve been the end of the conflict, apparently it didn’t work out as planned ,our three warriors fought long and hard against unbelievable odds these three Americans were joined by two more Americans two Navy seals they too were ordered to stand down they were part of a large detachment both servicemen and contractors stationed at the Embassy in Tripoli they were loaded armed and ready to go to the aid of their people in Benghazi when they were giving the order to stand down there response to that order blank you Tyrone S woods, Glenn Doherty commandeered an airplane got to the Benghazi airport there they were delayed approximately 30 minutes finally made their way to the Benghazi facility joined their bodies in the battle against the Muslim intruders this battle lasted for 10 1/2 hours Tyrone woods an Glen Doherty, both men were killed by mortars . For more than 10 hours these men expected American to come to their aid never happened and now the rest of the story this battle was viewed in the situation room pictures sent from cameras in the facility and from overhead drones viewed by Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, Chief of Staff general Dempsey and more high-ranking officers and possibly Joe Biden the vice president that I’m not sure however the main people that were there is where they belong but now where the hell is the commander in chief according to testimony in a congressional hearing, Secretary of Defense testified under  oath that he had not seen Obama at any time that day but that he had a phone conversation with him(Obama),  from the situation room but nobody could find Mr. Obama he was in the White House but strangely enough we were told nobody could find him but the Secretary of Defense said that he had a 30 minute conversation with him on the phone from the situation room he spoke with him for about 15 minutes and the Chief of Staff talked for about 15 minutes. Hillary Clinton said she had a phone conversation with Obama from the situation room she too had no idea where he” Obama ‘ was. There can only be one answer he did not want anybody to have a chance to question him. Secretary of Defense said on his phone conversation – Obama told him he had more pressing matters to take care of – that was the end of the phone conversation with Mr. Obama. The next morning – 9/12/2012 Obama and Hillary walked up the sidewalk outside of the White House to the rose garden there they made the announcement to all of America that our Embassy, then changed that to our facility in Benghazi Libya was attacked by a handful of enraged Muslims enraged because of a YouTube video made in the United States but they would not jump to conclusions. As facts came clear to them they would keep us notified and assured us that the perpetrators would be punished to the fullest extent of the law after that brief announcement from the rose garden Mr. Obama boarded Air Force One and was not heard from for several days. Reportedly He went to Las Vegas on a fund raising mission!!!!! (more pressing matters) after her appearance in the rose garden Hillary was so exhausted she wasn’t able to make any more public appearances and so Susan Rice was appointed to make numerous appearances (five talk shows telling the American people all about the little fairytale the YouTube video, which by the way nobody has ever taken credit or admitted to making that little lie (the YouTube video fairytale). A few days later exhausted Hillary managed to pull herself together and put in an appearance at the Memorial service for the four men who were murdered in Benghazi. Obama, VP Biden Secretary of Defense, Chief of Staff and probably several other dignitaries were on hand to show their sympathy for the grieving parents and family members of these four brave Americans. Hillary with her arms around Pat Smith mother of Sean Smith repeated that same lie about the cause of the attack the little fairytale the video movie and that they knew who the perpetrator was and that he would be punished to the fullest extent of the law Mr. Obama telling the same story and making this same promise to Mr. woods Tyrone’s daddy Hillary did not collapse but reportedly was too exhausted to respond to a summons by the congressional hearing. Didn’t show up for approximately a month. Mr. Obama made his first public appearance I believe 21 days after the Benghazi incident, he made a speech before the United Nations this time telling the whole world about the YouTube video this goes on and on but hopefully the end is coming if not Wednesday October the 19th. Something like 20 days remain for all true Americans to read and understand this writing. Finally the truth will prevail


Hopefully Fox news will dig into their video archives, live video of everything they have on Benghazi all are important but the one that really tells the true story is strictly a video the only audio is from the person taking the video the caption says Four P.M. Washington D.C. time the narrator describes the sidewalk with two men walking up toward the White House, Secretary of Defense and Chief of Staff, shows Mr. Obama coming down that sidewalk meeting these two gentlemen, no audio just video, live video these men stood together for a short period of time Mr. Obama went off to the left Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Chief of Staff general Dempsey went on up the sidewalk and into the White House and to the situation room Mr. Obama was in the White House but nobody knew where he was, reportedly couldn’t be found as previously painted in this writing was Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s phone conversation and his testimony that he had not seen Mr. Obama and had not talked with him other than that 30 minute phone conversation that he and general Dempsey had from the situation room.

                                            To be continued                                                                                          


Mr. Obama relinquished any claim to the office of president of the United States and totally failed to perform his duty as commander in chief and completely failed his oath of office. Had his voluntary deliberate action been made public he would not have had one chance in hell of being elected for his second term -Disavowed by all true Americans – all affiliations, all races, all religions, aforesaid – all true Americans. Who since Mr. Obama abandoned his sworn duty who took his place as commander in chief? Somebody had too, probably, not the Vice President Joe Biden, Obama was not dead, Hillary Clinton are possibly Secretary of Defense somebody accepted the duty, somebody. One of these three gave the order to stand down which in essence sentenced four honest Americans to their death. High treason is the charge for those who committed the crimes I’ve painted in this paragraph.

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