Questions, Americans should search for the answers

September 12, 2017 at 5:54 pm Bill Terrel

#1Question – who holds the title commander in chief. Was the commander-in-chief in the situation room 9/11/2012.

#2 Question – if the commander-in-chief is alive and available but is not in the situation room who took his place 9/11/ 2012

#3 Question – if the president was alive and healthy and in the White House why was he not in the situation room as required by the Constitution.

#4 Question – 9/11/2012 if he was not in the situation room in his absence who took his place as commander-in-chief, by what authority.

#5 Question – who gave the order to stand down on 9/11/2012. Who ordered Col. wood and his 17 man platoon out of Benghazi.

 #6 Question – could our aircraft arrived in time to save our people.

#7  Question –  who  allowed the Benghazi facility to deteriorate, who failed to reply two 600 request for additional security

. #8 Question – who ordered ambassador Stevens to leave his Embassy and go to Benghazi. Why was he sent to Benghazi.

 #9     Question –  Is There a Cover-Up what did Obama tell the United Nations a bout Benghazi.

#10    Question – did someone send an email to the ruler of Egypt – who and when

 #11   Question – If there is a cover-up,, why, to hide what. Should the Congress pursue an investigation as required by the Constitution !

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When all evidence, that which has been proven as fact and that that has been presented as evidence yet to be proven, the preponderance of the evidence is so overwhelming that the accused are guilty


After you have read this book and after you have answered these questions then it’s up to you as true Americans to demand that justice be done


Thank you

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